Energy Consultant Bay Area, CA

All Things Good is comprehensive home performance company that takes efficiency improvements to the next level. Unlike other energy saving operations, we can analyze your home using building science and technology, then take your improvement project as far as you desire. We’re not wedded to a single installation, product or service. Instead, we’re dedicated to working with our customers to design a solution that can save energy, improve comfort and help you house work smarter.

Foundations in Building Science

Our home performance focus is based on standards set by the industry leader, Building Performance Institute (BPI), which sets industry-wide standards for skills and competency. All Things Good has been certified in three essential specialities:

Building Analyst Certification to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify underlying problems and recommend fixes based on building science.

Envelope Professional Specialized training to evaluate and upgrade the building envelope or exterior shell of residential single family structures.

Multifamily Building Analyst. This certification applies a building-as-a-system analysis to improve efficiency and performance in apartments, condominiums and other multifamily buildings.

What’s Your Home Energy Score?

Building science can be complicated—each home is a unique collection of systems conditions and flaws. That’s why All Things Good has teamed up with the US Department of Energy to offer your Home Energy Score as part of a home energy audit. The score uses data we collect from our home and compares it with homes in our area using US Census data. Once the numbers are crunched, you’ll have a score that compares your home’s overall energy usage with with other homes in the area. You’ll be able to see your score at the time of your energy audit, and a projected score when improvements are made to your home. The Home Energy Score will also project savings based on the possible efficiency upgrades you’ll have completed by the team at All Things Good.

The Bottom LIne

The team at All Things Good is dedicated to helping our customers get complete information about their home’s current performance, identify solutions, then making the improvements based on your needs, not the insulation or furnace brand being sold. We like to think our overall skills in home performance blended with top-drawer construction experience allow our customers to select the most sensible solutions for their home.

Ready to see what solutions All Things Good has to improve home performance? Contact us today to arrange an energy audit.