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Sometimes, plans for a kitchen or bath renovation take a back seat to upgrading your home’s energy efficiency. Thankfully, the pros at All Things Good have the general construction experience to incorporate other projects while improving home performance.

To Perform Well, Homes Need Modern Electrical Upgrades

We often encounter older homes with substandard wiring and electrical systems. Systems with low-amp service, overloaded electrical panels, and outdated fuses are dangerous and don’t provide the power modern homes need. Our crew can review your homes wiring systems and install the electrical upgrade and wiring your home needs.

Healthy Home Upgrades Can Require Kitchen or Bath Work

We see it all the time, especially in kitchens and bathrooms: these two rooms have plumbing, ventilation and electrical demands that other rooms simply don’t have. When a moisture control problem affects the flooring or walls in a bathroom, a bathroom renovation may make sense at the time. Insulation in the walls or substandard electrical service may require us to remove kitchen cabinets, increasing the option for renovation.

Comprehensive Streamlined Construction Services

Fortunately, All Things Good offers comprehensive general construction services so that all your home renovation needs can be handled with a single, streamlined process. Our expertise is home performance-specific, but we got to that point with a deep background in general construction services. We’ve discovered our customers like working with a single home renovation contractor for all their home projects, and invite you to work on a comprehensive home project with our experienced team.

All Things Good offers high-quality home construction services. Contact us to learn how we can streamline your renovation!

Electrical Upgrades & Wiring

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Many older homes in the Berkeley and Oakland, CA areas have outdated, underpowered and dangerous wiring. Often, we discover outdated wiring that uses barrel fuses, 40-amp service and wildly improvised electrical panels. Beyond just annoying when your microwave can’t be used at the same time as your hairdryer, these older systems can be a safety hazard.


Bathrooms can be the source of many home moisture control problems. When moisture builds up over time, many homeowners find that some bathroom remodeling is necessary to accomplish their indoor air quality and energy efficiency goals.


Kitchens include many of the systems we examine when conducting an energy audit: plumbing, ventilation, insulation and moisture control. Even when there’s nothing needed for energy efficiency updates, many of our customers opt for a kitchen update at the same time as their home performance upgrades.

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  • "Thanks So Much - My lower level apartment is SO Much Warmer!! And the upper level is cooler when it is warm."