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Many older homes in the Berkeley and Oakland, CA areas have outdated, underpowered and dangerous wiring. Often, we discover outdated wiring that uses barrel fuses, 40-amp service and wildly improvised electrical panels. Beyond just annoying when your microwave can’t be used at the same time as your hairdryer, these older systems can be a safety hazard.

Does My Home Need Electric System Upgrades?

Many older Alameda and Contra Costa county homes have only 40 amp electrical service and electrical panels that use ceramic, glass or barrel fuses. This older wiring poses challenges because after a while, the fuses stop triggering, leading to potential electrical fire risk. Some of the signs that your home may need a panel or power supply upgrade include:

  • Relying on extension cords to power lights or appliances

  • Flickering lights

  • CIrcuit trips when two high-wattage items are used simultaneously

  • No ground fault or arc fault circuitry

  • Wiring that is strung on ceramic knobs

  • Wiring that has cloth or frayed insulation

Home Electrical Wiring is in Attics and Crawlspaces

Our technicians regularly discover subpar home electrical systems because we’re looking in the locations where wires, panels and circuit breakers are located. When these old systems are identified, our team is able to remedy these old systems to keep you family safe while giving you peace of mind. In addition, many homeowners’ insurance require updating old home electric systems before writing a policy.

What is Included in Electrical Systems Improvements?

There are four primary areas that will need attention to bring your home electrical wiring into the modern compliance:

1. Power Supply

This is the power that is brought into you home from the street. Modern homes are serviced by a minimum of 100 amp service and many will upgrade to 200 amp service to handle all the electronic demands of a home.

2. Panel Upgrades

Your new power supply will be routed through a new panel with special Arc Fault Circuit breakers to prevent against dangerous electrical fires. A circuit panel will have enough circuits to accommodate all your present electrical appliances, and allow for potential future expansion.

3. Wiring

Our team can assess your current wiring to determine whether it is serviceable or needs replacement.

4. Convenience Outlets and Switches

We’ll also take a look at the number, placement and condition of outlets and switches. If needed, we’ll install safe ground fault outlets to prevent electrical shock.

Once all these elements are completed, we’ll also make sure that the outlet locations are sealed properly and insulated.

Our Whole House Approach Keeps Upgrades Simple

New home electrical systems may not be what you expected in your home’s efficiency upgrades, but this work is important to keep you family safe and protect your investment. All Things Good can provide the expertise and experience to handle your home performance improvements and electrical system improvement without the hassles of finding, bidding and hiring a separate contractor.

Older homes often need home electrical systems upgrades to remain safe. Contact us if you think your wiring and electrical panel need modernization!

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