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Kitchens include many of the systems we examine when conducting an energy audit: plumbing, ventilation, insulation and moisture control. Even when there’s nothing needed for energy efficiency updates, many of our customers opt for a kitchen update at the same time as their home performance upgrades.

Home Performance Pro & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

When you’re looking to have improvements made to your home—including a kitchen or bathroom remodel—it makes sense to work with a comprehensive company that has a good understanding of your entire home. All Things Good has the specialized skills to complete both home performance upgrades and general remodeling and design for essential areas in your Oakland, CA-area home.

Kitchens Can Be Energy Efficient Too!

Our services are designed for energy efficiency, so we look beyond the obvious upgrades to appliances that meet ENERGY STAR® standards. The walls behind your cabinets, for example, should be well insulated and sealed to keep outside air or moisture from seeping in. Kitchens are generally first floor rooms, so if your crawlspace has moisture control or insect problems, the subfloors in your kitchen may need attention.

Kitchen Ventilation is Key For Indoor Air Quality

Most family kitchens are the source of many wonderful meals and a gathering place for friends and family. But the process of cooking can create odors, particulates and combustion gases that need to be exhausted outside to keep your kitchen air healthy and breathable. We can make sure your kitchen hood is exhausting the harmful by-products of cooking without compromising your homes comfort.

Kitchen Design for Your Style

Whether it’s a complete kitchen renovation or replacements for kitchen cabinets, stove and floors, All Things Good can work with you to make sure we design a common sense and stunning design for your new kitchen look. And when you combine home performance with other renovation projects in your home, you’ll enjoy seamless construction and easy scheduling that comes from using a single contractor for all the work.

Need to upgrade efficiency along with a much-needed kitchen renovation? Contact us for a planning appointment today.

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  • "Thanks So Much - My lower level apartment is SO Much Warmer!! And the upper level is cooler when it is warm."