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Air sealing is a great way to improve your home’s comfort, durability and efficiency. By sealing all the gaps, cracks and leaks in your Alameda County, CA home, the air you spend precious energy dollars heating and cooling will stay more effectively inside your home.  Air sealing goes hand-in-hand with upgrading your home’s insulation to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home environment. The best way to get started with air sealing is with an energy audit conducted by a home performance expert at All Things Good.

Improve Home Energy Savings With Air Sealing

Air sealing is a relatively straightforward fix for improving energy efficiency (especially when paired with replacement insulation!). So what’s the big deal about a few cracks? The answer is simple arithmetic: each and every little gap, crack or hole in your home’s exterior adds up. In some older homes, the leaks add up to the equivalent of leaving a window or two open all year long! This issue can end up costing you significantly in heating and cooling expenses, which are essentially wasted since the air is leaking out of (or into) your home.

Air Seal to Prevent Home Heat Loss

Many of our customers are amazed to see just how many gaps are in their homes when they see the infrared thermal imaging of their wall, ceilings and floors during an energy assessment. Gaps and leaks are commonly found in recessed lighting, electrical outlets, plumbing penetrations and around vents, windows and doors. The energy audit also identifies where insufficient or missing insulation is located. All these leaks are robbing your energy every single day!

How Does Air Sealing Work?

The air sealing technician from All things Good will use the imaging report like a road map to identify locations that need sealing. Some places may be located under or behind your home’s existing insulation. In most cases, the best solution is to remove old, smelly, ineffective insulation, sanitize the area, and then air seal the gaps a cracks. We use a spray sealing caulk to fill in the cracks and gaps. Once the area is air sealed, All Things Good will install new insulation in the levels required to keep your Berkeley, CA-area home cozy.

Ready to start saving on bills with a professional air sealing upgrade? The best place to start is with an energy audit. Contact us for an energy audit appointment today!

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