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Air conditioning is a big factor of keeping you home cool and comfortable, but operating your AC also makes up a big portion of your annual energy bill. Many homeowners spend 30-40% of their electric bill on air conditioning alone. That’s what it makes sense to make sure your AC unit is as efficient as possible! The All Things Good team is here to help.

Heat Pumps Provide Cooling & Savings

Many homeowners in Alameda and Contra Costa county are upgrading their old, inefficient residential air conditioning unit to technology that includes an air source heat pump. Heat pump technology has improved dramatically in recent years to provide continuous, low-cost cooling—and sometimes heating—by tapping into the energy in the outside air. When it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts heat from the air and moves inside your house. When it’s hot outside, the heat pump reverses direction and moves the heat from inside out. Because it only needs to move the energy rather than burn fuel to create it, heat pumps are incredibly efficient!

Upgrading to a New Air Conditioning Unit

Your old AC unit may be limping along with routine maintenance, but eventually, the repairs and extra energy for old technology will keep your cooling bills high. All Things Good can install an energy efficient house air conditioner that will provide comfort and lower bills from the very first day.

Select a Smart Upgrade with Mini Split Heat Pumps

Some Berkeley, CA-area homes don’t have forced air systems or only need air cooling in some rooms. In this case, All Things Good can install a ductless heat pump to provide room-by-room cooling in just a few hours. Mini split heat pumps are made up of two elements: the outside air source heat pump and an interior unit that delivers the cool air to a room. These indoor units are mounted high on a wall. They are very quiet to run and can be programmed for multiple energy saving settings using a small, wireless remote. The exterior unit can be located away from bedrooms and are hung on the exterior of the home, then connected to the indoor unit with unobtrusive small diameter piping. Ductless heat pumps are a smart choice for many of our customers!

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  • "Thanks So Much - My lower level apartment is SO Much Warmer!! And the upper level is cooler when it is warm."