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Bathrooms can be the source of many home moisture control problems. When moisture builds up over time, many homeowners find that some bathroom remodeling is necessary to accomplish their indoor air quality and energy efficiency goals.

Common Sense Solutions to Renovate Bathrooms

When an energy auditor from the All Things Good team analyzes your El Sobrante, CA-area home, we find the bathroom is often the source for moisture control problems. Hot showers and baths, personal hygiene activities and fixture leaks can, unfortunately, add up to musty odors, mold, subfloor rotting and ineffective insulation.

Energy Assessments Reveal Moisture Damage

While most bathrooms have exhaust fans, most families don’t turn them on at the times they’re needed. The resulting moisture buildup can cause mold and affect the durability of sheetrock, flooring and other materials. Additionally, with toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs, the potential for water leakage is higher in bathrooms than in just about any other room in your home. Over time, tiny leaks can result in a matting down of insulation, rotting of floorboards and other damage. Sometimes it’s just a visual inspection that reveals moisture damage. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can also reveal where problems might exist behind walls.

Comprehensive Home Performance Services

It can be upsetting to learn that a moisture problem in the bathroom needs attention as part of a home performance upgrade. Because of our team’s experience in construction, All Things Good can handle your bathroom remodeling and energy efficiency improvement plan, so you don’t have to hire an additional contractor. We work to streamline your improvements so you get your home back quickly!

Ventilation Upgrades Improve Indoor Air Quality

Bathrooms retrofits are more than just bathtub, sink, shower or toilet upgrades. Ensuring that future moisture doesn’t build up is just as important to protect your investment. Often, bath vent fans are installed or vented improperly. Sometimes, the bathroom ventilation is so noisy that no one wants to turn it on. Modern bathroom ventilation offers some great quiet operation with features that make the fan operate automatically. We think you’ll enjoy the improvement good ventilation can provide!

Is your bathroom hiding some moisture problems that need attention? Contact us to start your bathroom retrofit today!

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