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Insulation is the warm sweater that keeps your home cozy and comfortable all year long. Paired with air sealing, improving insulation is a great investment for both energy efficiency and comfort throughout your home. Your home may need an insulation upgrade if you notice the these poor insulation symptoms:

  • Drafty rooms

  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold

  • SIgns of mice or other vermin

  • Your roof has leaked

  • You notice a musty or moldy smell

Where Should I Insulate?

Most homes have some insulation in the exterior walls, basement or crawlspace and roof area of the structure. These areas create the boundary between the interior air and outdoor air, commonly referred to as the “building envelope.” The best way to determine where insulation needs to be improved is to schedule an energy audit from All Things Good. Once the energy audit is completed, we can show you exactly where your insulation needs improvement or replacement to strengthen your building envelope. The most common area for improvement is the attic, where the insulation is easily accessed and replaced. In some Alameda County homes, wall insulation is minimal or has settled over the years. Another area to improve with insulation is the basement or crawlspace under your home.

What is the Best Kind of Insulation?

Our philosophy is that the best type of insulation is the one that lasts longest. That’s why, after many years of construction and home performance experience, we use primarily two types of insulation:

UltraTouch Denim Insulation

This insulation is made from recycled blue jeans and formed into easy-to-handle, no-itch rolls of insulation batts. The batts are laid down between joists to form a continuous layer to meet required R-values. This insulation provides superior sound insulation and thermal performance. It’s treated with natural boric acid to keep it from attracting pests. UltraTouch is rated fire safe and has no chemical irritants.

Dense Pack Cellulose

This is another well-tested insulation option. This insulation is made from recycled paper products and is treated to be fire safe and mold and pest resistant. The cellulose material is blown into areas requiring insulation to a density and thickness needed.

Though we prefer these two types of insulation, some applications may require other types of insulation. All Things Good can safely install most types of insulation available--contact us to discuss your options!

How Much insulation Do I Need?

One our insulation experts at All Things Good have identified areas that need insulation, we’ll estimate the amount needed, based on the R-value required. R-value is the measure of how well a material prevents heat energy from passing through it. The higher the R value, the better the insulation. We work with homeowners to ensure that sufficient R-value levels are installed in attics, walls and crawlspaces. Both cellulose and UltraTouch batts have a certain R-value per inch to meet requirements and help balance indoor temperatures.

Insulation Replacement the Right Way

Though we can add R-value inches to insufficient insulation that’s in good shape, more often than not it makes sense to remove the old, damp and compacted insulation, air seal the area, then install clean, new insulation in place. Replacement is always the ideal option, particularly if your home’s indoor air quality is important. Upon removal and clean-up, we ensure that your old insulation is disposed of in the right location.

Is your home’s old insulation working for you? Contact us to improve your home’s insulation!

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