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Most folks don’t realize just how much indoor air pollution their home may have. Today, energy efficiency in your Contra Costa County, CA home has become very important. Energy efficiency measures include a tighter home, which can keep contaminants inside your home along with your conditioned air. As a result, an indoor air quality assessment can reveal how healthy your home is. If you home has musty smells, is hard to keep clean or colds and allergies are increasing, you may have indoor air pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution Sources

Indoor air pollution is often an invisible consequence of everyday life. Inside your home are many sources of contamination that can affect your home air health. Some common sources of indoor air pollution include:

  • Particulates from smoke

  • Pollen and other allergens

  • Mold and mildew from excess moisture

  • Dust and dust mites

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from household products such as paint, fabric and plastics

  • Combustion gases from natural gas furnaces and stovetops

Energy Audits Can Pinpoint Sources and Solutions

One of the benefits of conducting a home energy audit is identifying sources of indoor air pollution. The home auditor from All Things Good can find the causes behind the symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Our experience is that the source of poor indoor quality can come from a variety of sources, including:

Our Healthy Home Services Experience Works For You

Its obvious that problems affecting indoor home air health can come from many sources. Our home performance-focused training coupled with construction experience and common sense make our team the right choice to tackle your indoor air quality problems. If your home has problems with moisture, we can analyze your home’s systems to pinpoint solutions for moisture control and mold remediation. Our experience with the older homes found in our area gives us specific insights into problems that need expert attention, including safe asbestos removal as required by law.

Improved Filtration Ensures Continued Healthy Air

Once the causes for poor indoor air quality are fixed, All Things Good can provide improved filtration to keep you home healthy and pollution free. Our team can offer some suggestions for air filtration systems, either stand-alone or incorporated into your home’s heating and cooling systems. Many of our customers appreciate the healthy benefits these filtration systems can provide.

Is your home showing symptoms of poor indoor air quality? Contact us to identify and fix the causes of unhealthy air in your home.

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