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We’ve worked to improve the performance and health of hundreds of homes in your area. Many homes across Alameda and Contra Costa county area are on the older side, and thus have had many years to develop their performance issues. Since neglected attics and crawlspaces are the underlying causes of many unhealthy home conditions, a cleanup is often the first task on the road to a healthy, efficient home.

Home Health Starts with Attic Cleanup

Your Richmond, CA home’s attic may be the source of many home performance issues. What’s hidden in your attic space that could make you sick? The list includes:

  • Old, damp and ineffective insulation

  • Animal droppings

  • Dust

  • Mold

  • Discarded household items

Attic Cleanup Gives Access for Home Performance Upgrades

As part of our All Things Good home energy audit, we often identify leaky ductwork and ineffective insulation. Leaks and gaps that allow conditioned air to escape from living areas below the attic will need to be sealed to improve comfort and home performance. To accomplish this work, we usually need to clear and clean the attic area so that new air sealing and insulation can be installed. If your ductwork is leaky, an attic cleanup will remove the source of indoor pollutants that affect your family’s health.

Crawlspace Cleanup for Effective Moisture Control

In our area, crawlspaces can be the source of a host of health issues because they often have moisture and water drainage problems. In addition to excess water, crawlspaces may also be home to ductwork, insulation, and even household storage. Just like attics, crawlspaces can be attractive shelter to animals and insects. Similar to attic cleanup, All Things Good needs to remove damaged or wet insulation, household goods and other debris to access areas that need sealing, encapsulation and draining.

Careful, Safe Attic & Crawlspace Cleaning

Our attic and crawlspace cleanup crews know what to expect and are prepared for any surprises an older home can supply. Because we’ve done this work so many times, we’ve got the safety equipment and disposal permits to clear out these areas so your family can start fresh. It’s messy, unpleasant work, which is often why it remains undone for too many years.

Don’t delay! Get started on a healthy home with attic and crawlspace cleanup. Contact us to arrange for a cleanup and disposal team today!

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