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When it comes to energy efficiency services, we believe our whole-home approach makes your investment a smart one. By determining how your home’s systems are working and their relationship with each other, we can chart a smart, sensible course to make your home efficient, healthy, safe and comfortable. At All Things Good, we approach each issue with environmental sustainability in mind so our materials minimize impact on our surroundings.

Get Started With a Home Energy Audit

Like your physical at the doctor’s office, a home energy audit tests the systems that make up your home heating, cooling, insulation, ductwork, air quality, moisture and leakiness (or tightness). Many homes experience problems in a range of areas, and issues are especially prevalent in the older home stock we find in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. We use special tools and computer analysis to pinpoint what is driving your energy bills up and degrading your home comfort.

Sealing the Building Envelope

One common problem in homes is air leakage through cracks, gaps, and missing insulation in the walls, crawlspace and attic of your home. These leaks may seem small and insignificant, but in many homes, they can add up to the equivalent of leaving a window open all year round. Air sealing is a straightforward service that stops the air leaks in your home. Done properly, air sealing offers potential energy savings of up to 30 percent!

Our Smart Insulation Approach

The insulation market is crowded with low cost options that don’t solve underlying problems. Because we’re not focused on selling one insulation commodity, we can approach your insulation needs as part of your home’s overall health. Over time, attic insulation can compress and hide all sorts of unpleasant and unhealthy contaminants. If your attic needs new insulation, cleaning up and sealing will help it meet your expectations. Our insulation options offer green technology with natural, recycled ingredients.

Tackling Damp Crawlspaces to Control Moisture

If your Kensington, CA home is smelling musty or your crawlspace has water problems, it could be affecting your indoor air quality and damaging flooring. All Things Good can assess your crawlspace and recommend crawlspace moisture treatment systems to keep this area dry.

Schedule an energy audit to get started with home energy efficiency services! Contact us to begin improving your comfort and efficiency today.

Energy Audits

Your Alameda County home is a complex system of heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation. The better these systems work together, the better your home performs and the more comfortable your family feels. The first step to improving your home’s performance is a comprehensive energy audit conducted by a trained technician from All Things Good.


Insulation is the warm sweater that keeps your home cozy and comfortable all year long. Paired with air sealing, improving insulation is a great investment for both energy efficiency and comfort throughout your home.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is a great way to improve your home’s comfort, durability and efficiency. By sealing all the gaps, cracks and leaks in your Alameda County, CA home, the air you spend precious energy dollars heating and cooling will stay more effectively inside your home. Air sealing goes hand-in-hand with upgrading your home’s insulation to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home environment. The best way to get started with air sealing is with an energy audit conducted by a home performance expert at All Things Good.

Crawlspace Moisture Treatment Systems

Your home’s crawlspace may be out of sight, but moisture issues under your home can cause a range of problems inside your home. Your damp crawlspace could be creating a musty smell, causing mold contamination and making your family sick. If any of this sounds familiar, don’t panic! The team at All Things Good has effective crawlspace treatment systems that can protect your home and your family.

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